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Economic Presentations

Motivate your community or state association to take action to improve your economy through one of the many presentations by William H. Fruth.

In a dynamic, entertaining, and understandable manner, presenter William H. Fruth provides a series of presentations for communities and state and national associations specifically designed to enlighten the audience on how local economies work, what makes some strong, others weak, what is causing this to happen, and what can be done to improve or maintain the situation.

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The programs are customized for each audience.

About the Presenter

William H. Fruth is the President of POLICOM Corporation, an independent economics research firm located in Palm City, Florida, which specializes in studying the dynamics of local economies.  

He has personally evaluated the data for more than 800 local economies in the United States, created more than 200 economic and community studies, and has provided presentations and workshops for state-national associations and community forums in 40 states.

He is a nationally recognized leader in the field of geographic economics and also has extensive experience in economic development.

Prior to founding POLICOM in 1995, from 1988 to 1995, Fruth served as Vice President of a major industrial land development company directing the development and marketing of a 500-acre corporate park in the West Palm Beach, Florida area.

Previously he was President of the Business Development Board of Palm Beach County, the economic development organization for the area.  During that tenure was named Florida's Economic Development Professional of the Year in 1987.

From 1980 to 1984, Bill served in a full time capacity as Mayor of Tiffin, Ohio. During this time, he was named one of the "Five Outstanding Young Men in Ohio" and was heavily involved in economic and community development locally and statewide.

The following is a list of  presentations and summaries of various topics.  

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Five things we must do to build our national economy.

Presently there is economic upheaval in the United States.  This condition did not come about overnight. It is the result of several unrelated, long-term trends which collided to cause an extended economic downturn.

From an extensive study of the factors which brought us out of the recessions of 1982, 1990, and 2001, William Fruth has isolated the root causes for our present economic condition and identified five things which we must do to build our national economy.

This program is ideal for state or national organizations.

Where The Money Is… In Your Local Economy.

Discover how your local economy compares to the rest of the nation, whether it is growing or declining and what is causing this to happen through this informative, yet entertaining presentation customized for your area.

Ideal for annual meetings of business organizations or as a special event, this presentation educates the local community on how your local economy works, its present economic condition, and motivates the community to reinforce the good in the economy and take action to correct what is faltering.

Characteristics of
America's Strongest Local Economies.

Discover why some communities have strong, dynamic economies while others are failing

Since 1997, POLICOM has ranked the metropolitan areas in the United States for "Economic Strength."  From the ranking, POLICOM studies the characteristics of the strongest and weakest areas.

This presentation highlights several consistent characteristics of the strongest areas and provides a list of what all areas need to do to improve their local economies.

Where The Money Is...

Perfect for associations whose members are affected by the condition of local economies or are in a position to cause the local economy to improve.

Attendees will learn how a local economy functions, how their state compares to the rest of nation, and gain insight into the long-term trends in the state.

Additionally, between three to five local economies are examined to demonstrate contrasts within the state. From this comparison, the audience will learn why some areas in the state are growing in size and quality, while others are declining, and what to look for in their local area.

Economic Summit - Workshop

Many community groups and state associations have found the need for a comprehensive, all day program regarding their economy and what to do to improve it.

Step by step, Fruth teaches how their local economy works, its present day condition, and, in detail, those programs which are needed to improve the situation.  From business incentives to the local regulatory climate to the need for more industrial real estate, the audience leaves with a thorough understanding of the need for an active, well financed economic development program and what needs to be done locally.

Since ample time is available, there are extensive "question - answer" periods along with discussion among the participants regarding what needs to be done to improve the standard of living for the people in the area.

Typically this program lasts three hours.  However, if done in conjunction with the creation of an "Economic Development Strategic Plan," it will encompass an entire day.